How To Get Your Pug Shirt Printed

Posted by on Apr 29, 2021 in Business |

If you are looking for a great gift idea for your Pug puppy, then maybe you should consider getting them one of those cute Pug shirt. Your Pug puppy will love you for this because it makes them feel like they are one of the big dogs. Soon enough they will start to feel that they are one of the big dogs, but until then they will be content wearing those cute Pug shirts, until then they will be enjoying their life in the small puppy sweater or down full comfy blanket. The idea is to make them feel that they are a member of the family and make sure that you take care of them properly, as well as give them the best dog clothes possible.

The shirt printing process is really pretty simple. After only one wash you won’t even know where the first printed image ends and where the shirt starts. Our unique over-sized printing process really pulls the dye from the garment and leaves behind the colored ink, basically coloring the cotton completely with the printing ink. The Mountain Classic T shirt has an athletic pre-rinsed double stitched design, which makes it a durable product to give to your Pug puppy.

We use pre-set prints for all of our products, but for this one we have designed two different designs, a large one for males and a smaller one for females. Once the design has been approved, we get on to the printing process, which usually takes about three to five working days depending on what type of Pug shirt you have and what the size of the garment is. Once your design is approved, then we start to heat press the garment, printing out the design on the garment in ink. Our printers are really top of the line and get really good results for the price paid, so you can trust them with your printing needs. When your order is finished, you will receive a quick email giving you tracking information on how your order will be shipped out to you, and an address for your package.